Hibiscus flowers are multi known to be colored, varied and have about 200 existing species of hibiscus. Each species has its own unique kind of flower. Hibiscus flowers are alternate, ovate to lanceolate leafs, often with a toothed or lobed margin.

The Hibiscus Flower is an ornamental plant with a lot of medicinal properties and mineral vitamins which help control cholesterol and other health challenges.
There are more than 300 species of hibiscus Flower found worldwide but in Nigeria, the red Hibiscus Flower is very common.
Hibiscus Flower plant is grown more by Farmers in the northern part of Nigeria and it is usually harvested from late-December/early-January. When dried, the red Hibiscus Flower (Zobo Leaves) is used to produce a popular heath drink/tea called Zobo In Nigeria.

As the harvest time for hibiscus is late-December/early-January, most product is purchased in advance by mid-September. New buyers are free to request either FOB or CIF quotes from suppliers. We will ensure that the we take into account your preferences and get the products to your port of choice.

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